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who: meet the baker

A note from the boss...

"Hi! I'm Mel and I'm the owner and baker at La Petite Bouche Bakery. I've been making cake for as long as I can remember - I grew up in a house where cake was something you made from scratch, not something you bought from a shop. I have so many childhood memories of days in the kitchen creating cake and carnage, where love and patience were as integral to my recipes as sugar and flour.  I like to think that the kitchen carnage is behind me now, but my passion for all things cake has only grown over time and I'm so glad I now get to call baking my full time job. Love and patience - plus creativity, dedication, joy, and more - are still part of every cake I bake. I hope it shows, and I hope you enjoy eating my creations as much as I enjoy making them."

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what and when: Our story

La Petite Bouche Bakery was established in 2017. 'La petite bouche' means 'the little mouth' in French, and captures our founding concept: a bakery selling miniature cakes in lots of different flavours so that customers can have a little bit of everything they fancy. 

La Petite Bouche Bakery has steadily grown over the years, trading at markets and events across Berkshire and beyond. Our extensive pick and mix cake range has been a huge hit; with so many options to choose from - classically flavoured sponges, decadent chocolate desserts, delicate fruit pastries and much more besides - there's bound to be something that tickles your taste buds!

Creating something for everyone has also lead us to develop an extensive line of 'free from' bakes. We're proud to say that our plant based (dairy and egg free) and gluten free creations are every bit as good as their counterparts made with 'traditional' ingredients. We are always happy to accommodate other dietary requirements too, of course. 

As well as our signature miniatures, we now offer a number of additional services including bespoke celebration cakes and cupcakes, dessert tables, and postal bakes. We do attend occasional markets still too; follow us on social media to keep up with news of events and pop-ups.

We are registered as a food business with Wokingham Borough Council and received a rating of five out of five during our most recent food safety inspection.

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