Cake for special days

Christenings, weddings, birthdays: lots of life's special days call for cake! If you're planning a day that revolves around a particular person (or people), why not have a cake that revolves around them too?

Choosing a freshly baked, handmade creation from La Petite Bouche Bakery gives you the freedom to choose flavours and a design that are tailored to your exact requirements. Each bespoke order is unique and we combine our customers' requests with our baking knowledge to turn your cake dreams into reality. We are happy to accommodate a wide array of styles: classic tiered wedding cakes; character cupcakes for kids' birthdays; loaded drip cakes... the list goes on.

It can be tricky to know where to begin when choosing a cake for your occasion, so we've split our bespoke options into three categories as outlined below.


Celebration cakes:

a traditional party cake, that can be as far from traditional as your imagination allows! An iced cake (typically round or square) with endless possibilities for flavours and decorations. An ideal centrepiece for your event.

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Pick and mix cakes/ dessert tables:

a selection of miniature cakes and bakes that gives your guests lots of options to choose from. Perfect as an alternative to a sit-down dessert, or for children's parties.

Wedding dessert table
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dessert tables/

pick and mix


individual cakes popular for smaller gatherings or as gifts, that can be finished with icings, sprinkles and edible toppers to suit. We offer cupcakes in both miniature and regular sizes.

Vegan floral cupcakes
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Click the images above for more inspiration and information about each of our bespoke options. You can also find answers to our most commonly-asked questions here.


To order a bespoke cake or for any other queries, please use the contact form here to get in touch.

what people say

“Mel's cakes/goodies are beautiful to look at, with such attention to detail and taste absolutely yummy too! I've had several of her vegan treats and I've asked her to make us a cake for my daughter's party too. Highly recommended vegan peeps, or non-vegan! Thanks Mel, you're a star!"


- Lucy H.