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frequently asked questions

You'll find answers to the most common queries we receive about bespoke cake orders below. If the information you're after isn't listed here then please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

  • How do I order?
    Either send an email to or simply send us a message using the form on our contact page to start an enquiry.
  • When should I order?
    It's best to give as much notice as possible! There's unfortunately no lead time that guarantees availability but, at a minimum, we ask for two weeks' notice. If your event is within two weeks we will still do our best to accommodate you but your order may be subject to a rush fee (to cover out-of-hours working, any supplies that require express postage etc.).
  • I have an allergy; can I still order from you?
    In most cases, absolutely. We take allergies and cross contamination very seriously; do get in touch if you have dietary requirements and we can explain our processes for managing allergen-free orders. Note that we do handle gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, nuts and peanuts in our kitchen.
  • How big a cake do I need?
    The diagrams below show an approximate guide for the number of servings you can expect to cut from our celebration cakes, and the best way to cut them - we do not recommend the traditional 'wedges' of cake! See the video below for a demonstration of how to get the correct number of servings. Our cakes are approximately six inches tall as standard. A coffee/ wedding portion is approximately equivalent in size to one cupcake. Cake cutting demonstration video:
  • Can I send you a picture of a cake to make?
    Whilst we are happy to draw inspiration from others' cakes, we won't copy whole designs; it's not fair on the original creator. You may wish to send us images of other bakers' work to show elements you'd like to inrorporate into your cake, which is absolutely fine.
  • How much does a cake cost?
    You can find basic information about dessert table/ pick and mix cake pricing here, and equivalent details for cupcakes here. To get an accurate quote please get in touch. For celebration cakes, the short answer to this question is 'it depends'. That's probably not very helpful so we'll give a long answer too. All of our cakes are made to order to your specification (size, design, decorations, flavours, dietary requirements etc.) so we can only provide an accurate quote once we've got all of those details. As an approximate guide though, simple six inch diameter cakes are priced from £70, seven inch diameter cakes are priced from £80, eight inch diameter cakes are priced from £90, and so on. Decorating a cake is very time consuming so more elaborate designs will command a higher price. If you have a budget in mind when you're ordering then do let us know so we can make suggestions accordingly.
  • How do I pay?
    We ask for payment via bank transfer. Our payment terms are as followed: - For orders over £150 booked with more than two weeks' notice: 30% deposit required to confirm your order with the balance due two weeks in advance. - For orders £150 and under booked with more than two weeks' notice: full payment required upfront to confirm your order. - For all orders placed with less than two weeks' notice: full payment required upfront to confirm your order. Please note that your booking will only be logged on our calendar and confirmed once the necessary payments have been received.
  • Do you deliver?
    Absolutely! We always prefer to deliver our cakes to you/ your event location so we know they arrive safely. There may be elements that need adding once the cake is in situ, too. We will only offer collection as an option in instances where your cake can be moved safely with ease (e.g. some smaller celebration cakes, cupcakes). Always keep your cake flat - we suggest putting it in a footwell or the boot - and cool, and positioned so it can't slide around.
  • How do I store my cake?
    Uncut cakes are best kept cool but not cold, in the cardboard cake box they are delivered in. You should only refrigerate your cake if the alternative would be keeping it somewhere so warm it would melt. If you do have to chill your cake, let it warm to room temperature before you eat it. Once a cake is cut, store in an airtight container.
  • How long will my cake last?
    We don't use any artificial preservatives in our cakes; sugar is one of nature's great preservatives! Cakes taste best when fresh so we recommend they're eaten and enjoyed on the day they're delivered. However, a cake stored correctly and not cut will normally be fine for three days at a minimum. There are some exceptions and things to note though: - Certain decorations will deteriorate if left for too long (e.g. biscuits used as cake toppers will get softer over time) - Icing acts as a protective layer that keeps the cake underneath it from drying out. Once a cake has been cut, wrap any exposed cake in cling film to help maintain freshness. - Gluten free cakes dry out more readily than those made with wheat flour, so are best enjoyed within two days.
  • Can I cancel or amend my order?
    Should you wish to cancel or amend your order please get in touch as soon as possible. Booking deposits are non-refundable, and you may be invoiced for additional costs if you wish to cancel or amend your order at short notice. Our cakes are bespoke and each order is unique, so additional costs are assessed on a case by case basis. We are happy to provide a breakdown of any additional charges if requested.
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